In the Social Neuroscience of Pain Disparities Lab, we are focused on understanding the social and physiological mechanisms that create, modulate, and maintain sociocultural disparities in pain.

We also conduct research on individual differences in pain processing, cross-cultural modulation of pain and empathy, and social/environmental effects on health broadly defined. ​

Our work is fundamentally interdisciplinary, and relies upon the integration of methods from experimental social psychology, neuroscience, and clinical and physiological pain research. We also love to collaborate with colleagues and students across disciplines and professions!

We are committed to conducting research that:

  • ​​combats disparities in pain
  • ​​leads to improved understanding of human pain experience, and how this is affected by context and lived environments 
  • is pointed toward decreasing suffering from pain and improving health and wellness
  • ​includes, represents, and gives back to our local community

Prospective graduate students who are interested in working with Dr. Vani Mathur should apply to either the Social and Personality training program in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences  or the  Institute for Neuroscience TAMIN.

Mathur Lab News – 

  • Dr. Mathur Interviewed for PRF Relief Article
  • Maggie Anderson and Nevita George presented their poster for Student Research Week 2019​
  • Brandon Boring received Young Investigator Travel Award​ from the American Pain Society

Nevita and Maggie with Dr. Mathur at Student Research Week, 2019​

Pain related brain activation.​